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Fire Extinguishers and Spares
Breathing Apparatus And Spares
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Ship Spares

Available in wide range of specification from 1 kg portable 50 kg non portable trolly mounted
 F/E Dry Powder Cartridge Operated - Non portable

 F/E Dry Powder Stored Pressure - Non portable

 F/E Co2 - Portable

 F/E Co2 - Non Portable

 F/E AFFF - Portable

 F/E AFFF - Non Portable

 F/E A+ B - Portable

 F/E Dry Powder Cartridge Operated - Portable

 F/E Dry Powder Stored Pressure - Portable

 Air Valve

 CAP Assembly

 Co2 Catridges

 Catridge plugs

 Disposable Catridge

 Dip Tubes

 Discharge Hose


 Hose and Horn

 Inter Containers



 Safety Disc

 Safety Pin

 Plastic Seal

 Inner Container seal

 Lead Seal with wire

 Metal Inspection Tag

 Plastic Inspection Tag


 Valve Stems




 ABC dry powder in 25kg bag

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