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 Life Jacket Light

Lifejacket Light manual operated. Complies with the latest IMO standards Res. 689 (17). A Dragon Clip is added for easy attachment to life jacket or immersion suit. Operates on lithium battery (not replaceble, 5 year life)....More»
 Life buoy

Lifebuoy 4.5 kg bridgebuoy, Solas MED approved. Also USCG approved versions available. This buoy is connected to the MOB smoke & light signal....More»
 Life Jacket

The Stearns I 110 life jacket is a high quality product, having both the USCG and the MED approval. It does offer minimum of 150 Newtons buoyancy. Adult sized, minimum weight is 34 kg.The stacking size is 66 x 31 x 11 cm. Perfect to fit the ACR Hemil...More»
 Lifeboat Thermal Protective Aid MF 206

 Lifeboat Rescue

 Lifeboat fishing kits

 Lifeboat floating Knife

 Lifeboat Plastic Bailer

 Lifeboat Rescue Sign Card

 Lifeboat Can Opener

 Lifeboat safety Matches wind/water proof

 Lifeboat sea anchor

 Lifeboat survival Manual

 Lifeboat sea sickness tablets

 Lifeboat Water Proof Signal Torch W/SP bulb

 Lifeboat water Dipper C/WS.Stl

 Lifeboat Life Jacket Whistle

 Lifeboat Heliograph Mir S/S

 Lifeboat Bailer

 Lifeboat Canopener

 Lifeboat Repair Kit

 Lifeboat Oil Lamp

 Lifeboat Whistle

 Lifeboat Oars

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